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Music News

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Bobby SOLO – Album “Nuove Canzoni Italiane”

Bobby SOLO – Album “Nuove Canzoni Italiane”
Digital & Physical Distribution
Plaza Mayor Company ltd
Sergent Major Company ltd
The Orchard

Bobby SOLO - New Album "Nuove Canzoni Italiane" on ITunes

Bobby SOLO New Album: Iconic Singer for Iconic Songs…

The Italian artist Bobby Solo started singing in 1963, becoming very famous thanks to "Una lacrima sul viso (A tear on the face)" presented at the Sanremo Festival, the Italian music temple.
«It's the song that made me very well known all over the world - Bobby says - and for my new album, which comes out worldwide thanks to the Plaza Mayor Company, I thought about playing it completely new and singing it in Friulian language. It adds to my German versions ("Du hast and tränen in den augen"), English ("For your love"), French ("Sur ton visage une larme"), Spanish and Japanese».
The words of "Une lagrime mi vise" are written by Alberto Zeppieri, producer and author of all the lyrics of "NUOVE CANZONI ITALIANE - New Italian Songs", the latest album signed by Bobby Solo, with 13 unpublished songs and 2 bonuses, specially recorded for Jacques Dejean, the owner of the Plaza Mayor Company, with headquarters in London and Hong Kong. «I wrote a dozen of new songs and when he asked me some bonuses, I thought of revisiting the two most important songs in my repertoire: "Se piangi, se ridi (If you cry, if you laugh)", winner of the Sanremo Festival in 1965 and, precisely, the "Tear". Both with something new.
Good listening!».

Bobby SOLO - Album "Nuove Canzoni Italiane" Extrait "Stelle Nere Su Torino" on YouTube

Bobby SOLO - Album "Nuove Canzoni Italiane"

01 - Stelle Nere su Torino

02 - E se non fosse per sempre

03 - Non farti rubare i sogni

04 - Cartoline da Hong Kong

05 - Non m'intendo di politica

06 - So sbagliare da me

07 - L'alba e il tramonto

08 - Mi va tutto male senza te

09 - Immermori dettagli

10  Il boogie-woogie boogie

11 - E' cosi'

12 - Dalla parte dei deboli

13 - Da sempre

14 - Une lagrime mi vise (Una lacrima sul viso)

15 - Se piangi, se ridi

Bobby SOLO - Album "Nuove Canzoni Italiane" Cd Digital & Cd Physical on Amazon

Bobby SOLO - Album "Nuove Canzoni Italiane" Cd Digital & Cd Physical on Amazon

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